Southwest Regional Conference - 2017

MTVEA, Sevika Sangham, Yuvajana Sakhyam Regional Conference 2017

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Saji George
Carrolton MTC
Everything was excellent 👍👍good job Special appreciation for time Mananagement . God bless u all .
Varghese kuzhuvelil
Congratulations for all leaders of the conference. Let the name of the Lord be praised in every one of our effort. It was very successful in communicating the word of God. Thank you for finding such Good speakers of the Word of God. The renewal come through the word of God, Rev. Shaiju p John converted His 40 minutes in to a heavenly call to come back. Life experience, shortness of life, making that life beautiful by abiding in the word of God for profit of God, every word echoed the call of Joel 2:12and promise Joel 2:21 & 27. Every speakers were excellent. Arrangements excelled in every aspect. I never seen such a deciplined conference in Marthoma church meeting venue. Attendance and attention of partakers was good. Arrangements, timely conduct, food arrangements, Audio system everything were so nice. Billions of thanks to Our Lord God for His presence throughout the conference. Leaders especially our vicar and conveners congratulations, good job. Finally I say it is the success of people who prayed for this conference. Lord Jesus answered them carefully and wonderfully. Thanks again every leaders and pray let the name of God praised in effort of your life. God bless.
Shirly Silas
MTC Oklahoma
The conference was excellent!
Reji Varughese
IMC Houston
It was one of the best conferences with largest numbers of the people ever attended. Conference theme and the speakers was great and I am sure the people who attended this conference they blessed with God's presence. Special thanks to Mar Thoma Church of Dallas, Farmers Branch, Rev. Saji P. C., Rev. Mathew Samuel, Mr. Jacob Varghese and all other sub committee conveners. God Bless you all.
Thomas Mathew (Jeemon Ranny)
Trinity MTC
Dear all, Congratulations to you all for arranging a meaningful conference. A well organized, arranged conference ! The 2 talks done by Rev. Johnson Thomas Unnithan and Rev.Shaiju P John were powerful ! Bible Devotion by Rev.Mathews Philip was inspiring..Special thanks to the Food Convener and the Team...Delicious food and snacks ! I always love to have Kerala style food and I got it there ! Good job !! Appreciate all of you worked hard to make the event a grant success..PC Saji Achen, Mathew Samuel Achen, Jacob Varghese and all deserve special appreciation..Good job Mr.Jayan and Team for the wonderful choir.! 550 members attended the conference ? Awesome !!! May the Lord Almighty bless you all....!
T.A. Mathew
Trinity MTC
The Conference was a blessing and we really enjoyed it. It was well coordinated. The food was great and messages were very good. Congratulations and keep up the good work.
Alice Lukose
Sehion MTC
Excellent !